1. Manual Dexterity December 2012!!!


    View it below or here. Download a high quality PDF here.

    Open publication - Free publishing - More indie

    FEATURE interviews with Dads, Pswingset, Kittyhawk.

    SIXES interviews with bands Cherry Cola Champions, Flashlights, Save Ends, You’ll Live, Palette Town, and Tawny Peaks.

    ARTICLE on the It’s a Kling Thing House in Akron, OH. 

    TRANSMISSIONS with Everyone Everywhere (Euro Tour 2012)

    SCRND with Daniel Hawkins.

    A SOUND DESIGN with Ben Sears (Empire! Empire!/Rika Split)

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    This thing is awesome! We are super pumped to have been...definitely check it out for one...
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    This issue of Manual Dexterity features both my band, Pswingset and a some of my gig-poster art. check it out!
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    We and our homies in Kittyhawk got some chill write-ups in this online zine so check it on out.
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    Kittyhawk and Tawny Peaks are both featured in a neat little interview from Manual Dexterity Music Zine. Adam is a great...
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    great pswingset feature
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    Please Read.
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    bands, bands, bands.
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    Hey, this is really neat and Adam from Manual Dexterity is an awesome guy so check this out! We have a silly interview...
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    There’s an article about our homebase house in the new ManDex issue. Check out Scotty dish it out how it is. Also, they...
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